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Título: Consulta de Úlcera de Perna do Hospital de Santa Marta
Outros títulos: Leg Ulcer Clinic at Santa Marta Hospital
Autor: Garcia, AC
Vasconcelos, L
Valentim, H
Gonçalves, F
Castro, JM
Ferreira, E
Albuquerque e Castro, J
Mota Capitão, L
Palavras-chave: Úlcera da Perna
Data: 2007
Editora: Sociedade Portuguesa de Cirurgia Cardiotorácica e Vascular
Citação: Rev Port Cir Cardiotorac Vasc. 2007 Jul-Sep;14(3):173-6.
Resumo: Leg ulcers constitute a highly prevalent pathology in society, and are particularly common in the Angiology and Vascular Surgery outpatient clinic. The prevalence of these patients in this Department result from the fact that 70% of them display superficial and/or deep venous insufficiency of the lower limbs. To address this problem and optimize the therapeutic approaches available to the Chronic Leg Ulcer (CLU) patients, the Department of Angiology and Vascular Surgery has created, in March 2005, an appointment specific to CLU patients. An evaluation protocol was developed, including ulcer characterization, standardization of the conservative treatment, followed by surgical intervention, whenever required. The results obtained were evaluated 18 months after the onset of this protocol. Analysis of the results revealed that the majority of the patients responded positively to the new therapeutic approach, with closure of the ulcer in 43% of the patients and a significant improvement detected for an additional 30%. Furthermore, it was observed that a detailed evaluation of these patients should be regarded as a whole, followed by a standardized and targeted approach, resulting in a particularly successful approach on the treatment of this pathology.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.17/304
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