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Título: Compliance with ESPGHAN Position on Complementary Feeding in a Multicultural European Community. Does Ethnicity Matter?
Autor: Nóbrega, S
Andrade, M
Heleno, B
Alves, M
Papoila, A
Sassetti, L
Virella, D
Palavras-chave: Feeding
Data: 2014
Editora: Elsevier Doyma
Citação: GE Port J Gastroenterol. 2014;21(6):231-240
Resumo: Introduction: In 2008, ESPGHAN published a position paper on complementary feeding providing recommendations to health care professionals. Cultural and socio-economic factors might affect the compliance to these orientations. Aim: To estimate the prevalence of inadequacies during complementary feeding (ESPGHAN, 2008) and its association with different ethnic backgrounds. Methods: Cross-sectional survey of a convenience sample of caretakers of children up to 24 months of age in a single community health centre in Greater Lisbon, through a volunteer, self-applied questionnaire. Results: From a sample of children with wide cultural diversity, 161 valid questionnaires were obtained (median child’s age 9 months, median mother’s age 32 years). The prevalence rate of at least one complementary feeding inadequacy was 46% (95%CI: 38.45-53.66). The commonest inadequacies were: avoiding lumpy solid foods after 10 months of age (66.7%), avoidance or delayed introduction of foods beyond 12 months (35.4%), introduction of gluten beyond 7 months (15.9%) or salt before 12 months (6.7%). For each increase of 1 month in the age of the child, the odds of inadequacies raised 36.7% (OR = 1.37; 95%CI: 1.20-1.56; p < 0.001). The odds for inadequacies in children of African or Brazilian offspring was three times higher that of Portuguese ancestry (OR = 3.31; 95%CI: 0.87-12.61; p = 0.079). The influence of grandparents was related to an increase in the odds of inadequacies (OR = 3.69; 95%CI: 0.96-14.18; p = 0.058).Conclusion: Inadequacies during complementary feeding are frequent and may be influenced by the cultural background.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.17/2252
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