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Título: McCune Albright Syndrome: A Diagnosis to be Kept in Mind
Autor: Barros, L
Sousa, F
Bernardo, MJ
Palavras-chave: McCune Albright Síndrome
Puberdade Precoce
Data: 2011
Editora: Área Ginecologia/Obstetrícia, Hospital de Dona Estefânia, Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Central, EPE
Citação: IN: 21º Congresso Mundial de Ecografia em Obstetrícia e Ginecologia; 2011, 18 a 22 Setembro. Los Angeles
Resumo: Precocious puberty, defined as the development of secondary sexual characteristics before the age of 8, often leads to anxiety in patients and their families but also in clinicians searching for the final diagnosis. After adequate investigation, the majority of the cases in girls turn out to be idiopathic. The authors present a case of McCune Albright syndrome in order to call attention to a rare cause of sexual precocity and the value of ultrasound in the evaluation of these situations. 10 years old infant girl admitted in our department due to irregular menstrual bleeding. She experienced a vaginal bleeding by the age of 3 which led to the diagnosis of McCune Albright Syndrome after a complete evaluation. Pubertal assessment revealed a reversed sequence in the remaining events with adrenarche at 5 and thelarche at 8. Hormonal evaluation demonstrated low FSH and LH levels (11,2 and 6,72 respectively) with high estrogen (204). Pelvic ultrasound showed a normal sized uterus (73x 29x32 mm), endometrial thickness of 5 mm and ovaries with several microfollicles and a copus luteum measuring 23 mm in the right ovary. McCune Albright syndrome is a very uncommon cause of sexual precocity that should, however, be suspected in all infant girls who present with vaginal bleeding. It is characterized by a triad: polyostotic fibrous dysplasia, gonadotropin-independent precocious puberty and café-au-lait skin spots. Due to autonomous production of estrogen by the ovaries, ultrasound image of the female reproductive tract is inconsistent with chronologic age. Pelvic ultrasound demonstrates a normal sized uterus with a well defined cervix and clearly identified ovaries with several follicles, similar to adult women of reproductive age. Ultrasonography of the pelvis has also an important role excluding other causes of GnRH-independent precocious puberty conditions like ovarian cysts or tumors.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.17/1049
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